From caricatures, web series, animated projects and short films to arthouse successes and domestic commercial hits, Calgary Independent Film Festival gives Calgary’s art lovers an unparalleled experience of movies. No matter the style of your project, we want to see your project – submit your film today!

Submission is through Filmfreeway.

We are currently accepting film submissions in the following categories:

Best Directing (Feature long film)
Best Directing (Short)
Best Unproduced Script
Best Script
Best Actress in Long feature film
Best Actress in Short
Best Actor in Long Feature film
Best Actor in Short
Best Comedy Film (Short Film)
Best Comedy Film (Long Feature Film)
Best Horror Film (Long Feature Film)
Best Action (Short Film)
Best Action (Long Feature Film)
Best Horror Film (Short Film)
Best Crime (Short Film)
Best Crime (Long Feature Film)
Best Fantasy (Short Feature)
Best Fantasy (Long Feature Film)
Best Romance (Short Film)
Best Romance (Long Feature Film)
Best Science Fiction (Short Film)
Best Science Fiction (Long Feature Film)
Best Sport (Short Film)
Best Sport (Long Feature Film)
Best Thriller (Short Film)
Best Thriller (Long Feature Film)
Best War (Short Film)
Best War (Long Feature Film)
Best Western (Short Film)
Best Western (Long Feature Film)
Best Women empowerment Short
Best Women empowerment Feature
Best Student Short
Best Student Feature
Best Social Justice Short
Best SocIal Justice Feature
Best LGBTQ Short
Best LGBTQ Feature
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Experimental Short
Best Experimental Feature
Best Short Animation
Best Feature Animation
Best Covid Short