The Festival

The Calgary Indie Film Awards is an esteemed online celebration dedicated to showcasing and honoring the remarkable achievements of independent cinema. Our festival’s primary objective is to bring the diverse world of independent filmmaking to a global audience, celebrating the innovation, creativity, and passion that drive this art form.

We welcome submissions from all genres and from filmmakers hailing from every corner of the globe, embracing the rich tapestry of cinematic storytelling that exists within the independent film community. Each season, we meticulously curate a selection of the finest films that embody the spirit of independent cinema, offering a platform for both emerging and established talents to shine.

Our online event serves as a vibrant gathering point for the industry’s freshest voices and seasoned professionals in the world of filmmaking. We aim to foster an environment of inspiration and collaboration, where creativity flourishes, and new horizons in cinema arts are explored. By supporting and encouraging these innovative additions to the world of film, we play our part in preserving and advancing the enduring magic of independent cinema. Join us in this journey of discovery and celebration, as we continue to champion the boundless possibilities of storytelling through the lens of independent filmmaking.